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Become a Better Teacher:

Teaching Secrets - a comprehensive, no-holds-barred, insider guide to becoming a teaching success. It's written in everyday language, is easy to use, and each tip is followed by a specific example showing you exactly how to apply expert advice in real-life situations. A free teaching secrets email course is also available and offers the following "How To" lessons:
  • Manage a student making a sudden disruptive outburst in your classroom
  • Handle students that continually procrastinate getting their work finished and turning in assignments
  • Deal with a student that you catch cheating on a test or homework
  • Control a student who has a bad attitude and is determined to be a problem
Teaching Secrets from Christie Morrison, who spent the last thirty years in the classroom and has seen every possible classroom situation imaginable, may be just the tool you need. Christie with her years of experience, went through and decided to take her expertise and pass it on to you. These comprehensive, no-nonsense, can't-lose methods for becoming a great teacher will take you less time to master than you probably think possible.

Teaching Secrets Summary:

Rules to Charting Your Course:
  • Understand the rules of teaching
  • Understand the dos and don'ts, so you don't make the mistakes all too common in the classroom
  • Establish your course by laying out your goals and the ground rules
  • Interaction Secrets
  • Schedule Secrets
  • Relationship Secrets
  • Environment Secrets
  • Classroom Secrets
  • Discipline Secrets
The Teaching Secrets ebook guarantees that if you use just one of the 300+ secrets, it will be worth your time and money; if not, you can return it for a prompt 100% hassle, no questions asked.
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