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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Educational services was the largest industry in the economy in 2000, providing jobs for nearly 11.9 million workers? The Bureau also stated that because a greater than average number of workers in nearly all the major occupations that make up this industry are over the age of 45, it is likely that a surge in baby-boomer retirements will create many job openings in addition to those due to employment growth. If you are looking for a teaching job, we have listed some sites below to assist you with your teaching job search.

Teaching Job Resources:

Education America Network - education jobs, teaching jobs, teaching positions, jobs

Education Canada Network K-12 Teaching Jobs, Administrative Jobs, and Coaching Jobs

Agent K-12 from Education Week - Find Jobs in Education and Teaching Teaching Positions and School Positions in the USA

If you are searching for a teaching job and have questions or need assistance with "how to apply for a teaching position" or "how to interview for a teaching position" here are two great articles found on
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